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Re: Keybinding for finding definition by mouse

From: Tobias Gerdin
Subject: Re: Keybinding for finding definition by mouse
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2018 22:40:33 +0200
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Den 2018-07-09 kl. 19:09, skrev Eli Zaretskii:

For mouse users like myself this invoking this is probably the second
mouse common use of the mouse (after text selection) so I propose we add
a default binding for it in the global map. So which one?
I wonder whether we should.  I think people who like to use the mouse
for xref-find-definitions will bind the command to something handy,
like C-mouse-1 (and give up on, or rebind, mouse-buffer-menu).  We
cannot do that by default, and OTOH binding it to something like
C-M-mouse-1 sounds too difficult to use (and then there's the problem
of binding xref-pop-marker-stack).

I'm also not convinced many people will want such a binding, as most
of us use the keyboard for these commands.
Could this not partly be because up until now Emacs didn't supply such commands? (although as of the CEDET merge there is actually 'semantic-ia-fast-mouse-jump' but since Emacs went in the xref direction I suspect few make use of it).

And whether it is in one's interest to use the keyboard or the mouse for these kind of commands is still is an open question (among others, see [1]). My observation from co-workers seems to indicate that using the mouse for this kind of functionality is very common and I think having a default binding would improve its discoverability (although I am aware that this is hardly an area of focus in Emacs).
So I think we should leave this unbound by default, at least for now,
and rely on people who want this on a mouse click to make their local
Unless any of the above makes you reconsider I will not argue against this. I have submitted a pull request for similar kind of functionality to CIDER ([2]) where we have decided to add a default binding along with it so I was hoping to harmonize these with Emacs' xref (which CIDER doesn't make use of at the moment), but CIDER being out-of-tree there is obviously more leeway.

[1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14544571
[2]: https://github.com/clojure-emacs/cider/pull/2372

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