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Current State of CEDET in Emacs tree and standalone

From: Andreas Marschke
Subject: Current State of CEDET in Emacs tree and standalone
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2018 15:09:12 +0200

Hi all!

In a quest to add some improvements to CEDET/Semantic I came across the fact of the splintered codebases people are potentially working on.

We have the CEDET project on SourceForge with changes going beyond the initial import into emacs. 
And then there is the version shipped with Emacs.

When comparing the code basis one of the most immediate things that struck me, was the availability of tests and that there was even rudimentary unit testing employed, This is not the case for the code in Emacs tree.

Are there efforts to import the code from Sourceforge anew into the emacs tree or is it intended to remain there as it pertains to features not intended to be shipped with Emacs?

If possible I'd like to use the existing unit-test infrastructure in the emacs tree to add validation to the changes that I'm making and since as I understand it, there's otherwise existing development effort still going into the code shipped with emacs I'd prefer  to not double my efforts and have to make it shippable/maintainable in 2 places.

Any and all explanations of the current situation would be very welcome.

Kind regards,

Andreas Marschke.  

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