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Re: bignum branch

From: Andy Moreton
Subject: Re: bignum branch
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2018 15:28:27 +0100
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On Thu 12 Jul 2018, Tom Tromey wrote:

> I've pushed the bignum branch to emacs git, as feature/bignum.
> Please read through it and try it out, and reply to this message with
> your comments.
> thanks,
> Tom

I've bootstrapped this with 64bit mingw64 (MSYS2) on Windows without
problems. There were a few compile warnings:

C:/emacs/git/emacs/bignum/src/floatfns.c: In function 'Fabs':
C:/emacs/git/emacs/bignum/src/floatfns.c:291:29: warning: overflow in implicit 
constant conversion [-Woverflow]
       mpz_init_set_si (val, - MOST_NEGATIVE_FIXNUM);

In toplevel form:
../../../lisp/calc/calc-aent.el:28:1:Error: Arithmetic range error: "truncate", 
make[2]: *** [Makefile:301: calc/calc-aent.elc] Error 1

In toplevel form:
../../../lisp/calc/calc-alg.el:28:1:Error: Arithmetic range error: "truncate", 
make[2]: *** [Makefile:301: calc/calc-alg.elc] Error 1

All of the other warnings are the same as the master branch.


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