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Re: [RFC] automatically retrying network connections

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: [RFC] automatically retrying network connections
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2018 12:24:31 +0200
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Robert Pluim <address@hidden> writes:

> one of the consequences of asking the user questions during network
> connection setup is that the server they're trying to connect to might
> have decided to close the connection by the time they've finished
> answering.

Yes, the NSM should reconnect if the user says "go ahead" to the NSM
warning and the server has closed the connection.  The reason that
landed on the back burner is that servers seem to mostly have long
timeouts, so this turned out to be less of a problem in practice than I
expected.  (I.e., I don't recall seeing a bug report about this, which
is just plain weird.)

We could also reverse the logic a bit and have the NSM always shut down
the connection before prompting.  This will make network connections
(that prompt an NSM warning) be somewhat slower, but it shouldn't be a
big deal.

In any case, when reconnecting we have to consider whether this would
trigger extra auth-source prompts, which would be annoying, but I have a
feeling like these are mostly done later in the connection process
usually, so it shouldn't be an issue.

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