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Re: patch gud-gdb to respect other-frame-window?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: patch gud-gdb to respect other-frame-window?
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 08:37:51 +0200

> The current design of 'other-frame-window' only defines the behavior
> when the other-frame or other-window prefixes are invoked;

In that case the special behavior specified by 'other-frame-window' is
supposed to prevail any preferences stored in 'display-buffer-alist'.
This is precisely one of the cases 'display-buffer-overriding-action'
has been added for.

> the behavior
> with no prefix is left to the default Emacs code,

Which means that in such case 'other-frame-window' should refrain from
touching 'display-buffer-overriding-action' and leave the decision of
what to do to 'display-buffer-alist'.

> or to a user-provided
> 'display-buffer-overriding-action'.

There should be no such thing.  If someone sees an absolute need for
it, we have a design bug.

>> It's a simple statement that 'other-frame-window' thinks that it is
>> always right in its decision and the user has to either take it or
>> leave it.
> Not quite; it is only right when the prefixes are invoked.

Then 'other-frame-window' does something it should not do when no
prefixes are invoked.


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