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Re: Backtrace mode

From: Clément Pit-Claudel
Subject: Re: Backtrace mode
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2018 16:58:03 -0400
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Hi Gemini,

I just gave the new code a try.  This is really neat!  Thanks a lot :)
Did you consider using V instead of C-u v to toggle all locals?


On 2018-07-27 16:13, Gemini Lasswell wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've finished everything I set out to add to Backtrace mode, and have
> pushed it to scratch/backtrace-mode. Documentation, NEWS and tests are
> all done, so please have a look at it and let me know if you find
> anything that should be fixed before I merge it.
> Notable changes:
> - It's now possible to toggle both local variable display and printing
> with 'print-circle' for the entire buffer instead of just the current
> frame, using the C-u prefix with 'v' and '#' respectively.
> - C functions in backtraces now get links to their source code. Links
> are also created for the reading position of 'eval-buffer' and
> 'eval-region'.
> - I've added a new function 'cl-print-to-string-with-limit' to
> cl-print.el, which tries to get a printed representation to fit in a
> specified number of characters using 'print-length' and 'print-level'.
> Backtrace mode is using it and I plan to use it for results printing
> in Edebug, the Lisp Debugger and ERT, hopefully putting an end to
> performance problems caused by excessively long lines in those modes.
> - You can now expand all the '...'s in a backtrace frame at once using
> backtrace-expand-ellipses, bound to '.' and with the C-u prefix expand
> them without putting a limit on the expansion.
> - In Edebug backtraces, three new commands are available.
> backtrace-goto-source, bound to 's', works on frames in
> Edebug-instrumented code, which are marked with a '>' on the left side.
> I've also added edebug-backtrace-show-instrumentation and
> edebug-backtrace-hide-instrumentation, to show and hide Edebug's
> functions in the backtrace.
> - The function 'backtrace' now uses Backtrace mode's printing and is now
> located in backtrace.el instead of subr.el. The functions
> 'backtrace-frame' and 'backtrace-frames' remain in subr.el so that
> Backtrace mode doesn't have to be loaded for programmatic access to the
> backtrace from Lisp.

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