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RE: C-x & (was: Introducing thread-safe Tramp)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: C-x & (was: Introducing thread-safe Tramp)
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2018 10:59:23 -0700 (PDT)

> And of course, "C-x &" invokes a command. 

Yes. But invoking a command is not being a command.

> This is equivalent to "M-x universal-async-argument". 

Presumably you mean that using key sequence `C-x &' is equivalent to using `M-x 
universal-async-argument'. That's another way of saying that `C-x &' invokes 
command `universal-async-argument'.

If you wanted to call command `universal-async-argument' a "prefix command" you 
could do so. But `C-x &' is not a prefix command or any other kind of command.

> So I don't see what's wrong with "prefix command" - it is a command which 
> precedes another command.

Command `universal-async-argument', when invoked, precedes invocation of the 
command bound to the key sequence read by `universal-asyn-argument'. Yes.

And using `C-x &' precedes reading of that second key sequence. But neither of 
those things make `C-x &' into a command, prefix, postfix, or *fix.

> > We can, if you want, have a separate discussion, taking our time, to
> > decide whether and what to name this.
> Subject adapted.


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