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Re: bignum branch

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: bignum branch
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2018 18:36:45 -0600
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>>>>> "Andy" == Andy Moreton <address@hidden> writes:

Andy> purecopy also needs updating tosupport bignums

Did you have a use for this?  It seems like there must not be any
bignums being dumped currently, since if there were, surely something
would fail.

Anyway, if you do have a use, could you try the appended?

Andy> and also the macros in .gdbinit.

This doesn't seem like a must-have to me; but if it is, I think it would
be best to start by writing pretty-printers to submit to GMP.


diff --git a/src/alloc.c b/src/alloc.c
index 367bb73fc1..dba90e7eb2 100644
--- a/src/alloc.c
+++ b/src/alloc.c
@@ -5535,6 +5535,28 @@ make_pure_float (double num)
   return new;
+/* Value is a bignum object with value VALUE allocated from pure
+   space.  */
+static Lisp_Object
+make_pure_bignum (struct Lisp_Bignum *value)
+  Lisp_Object new;
+  size_t nbytes = value->value[0]._mp_alloc * sizeof (mp_limb_t);
+  struct Lisp_Bignum *b = pure_alloc (sizeof (struct Lisp_Bignum), Lisp_Misc);
+  b->type = Lisp_Misc_Bignum;
+  /* An mpz_t is an array of one element, so this is the correct way
+     to copy the contents.  */
+  b->value[0] = value->value[0];
+  b->value[0]._mp_d = pure_alloc (nbytes, -1);
+  memcpy (b->value[0]._mp_d, value->value[0]._mp_d, nbytes);
+  XSETMISC (new, b);
+  return new;
 /* Return a vector with room for LEN Lisp_Objects allocated from
    pure space.  */
@@ -5676,6 +5698,8 @@ purecopy (Lisp_Object obj)
       /* Don't hash-cons it.  */
       return obj;
+  else if (BIGNUMP (obj))
+    obj = make_pure_bignum (XBIGNUM (obj));
       AUTO_STRING (fmt, "Don't know how to purify: %S");

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