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Turning misc objects into pseudovectors

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Turning misc objects into pseudovectors
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2018 20:07:30 -0700
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Bug#32405 contains a patch that will get rid of the miscellaneous-object category of the Emacs Lisp interpreter, and will change these objects to be pseudovectors instead. The motivation is to simplify the interpreter and garbage collector and speed it up slightly, and to simplify potential future changes.

This change should be invisible to Emacs users, except that (garbage-collect) will now yield a data structure like this:

((conses 16 59897 12062) (symbols 48 15849 0) (strings 32 14605 1081) (string-bytes 1 295420) (vectors 16 7106) (vector-slots 8 403952 52398) (floats 8 46 530) (intervals 56 36 16) (buffers 992 7))

That is, there is no sublist headed 'misc' any more, because there are no longer misc objects. If you see any problem with this change please comment in the bug report (this email contains a Reply-To: header that should work). Thanks.

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