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Emacs Calc Bug: calc-cplx.el:math-imaginary-i

From: IPF
Subject: Emacs Calc Bug: calc-cplx.el:math-imaginary-i
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2018 10:51:34 +0000

During code review I think I spotted a bug in the function
math-imaginary-i at calc-cplx.el:271.

Line 276 reads "(eq (nth 1 val) 0)" but I think it should read
"(eq (nth 0 val) 1)", i.e. the length of the complex number in
polar form should be one, instead of that the angle to the real
axis should be zero.  The angle to the real axis will be taken
care of in the following line.

Comment from Jay Belanger:

> If that's in an "if polar coordinates" check, then that's a very
> unfortunate bug; thanks for catching that.  I don't work on Emacs any
> more, but you should write to address@hidden and mention it.

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