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Re: Include modern-cpp-font-lock into GNU Emacs

From: Ludwig PACIFICI
Subject: Re: Include modern-cpp-font-lock into GNU Emacs
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2018 12:16:37 +0100
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Hello Alan,

Thank you for your reply.

In what respects is this package an improvement over the fontification
in standard C++ Mode?

About two years ago, when I was writing C++ programs, I wanted to have a quick fix for the missing fontification. It is not an improvement from standard C++ mode, but a quicker way to get the font lock up to date.

Do you have an up to date diff betweeen m-c-f-l.el and C++ Mode - things
that m-c-f-l handles, but C++ Mode doesn't?

No. In my opinion, I should do that diff, and, if any, contact you via cc-mode project to reduce the gap?

I think I would prefer to integrate missing font locking into CC Mode,
rather than introducing a new ad-hoc package which doesn't fit well with
CC Mode.  But I do accept your comment about the rate of release of C++

I believe the issue is broader than m-c-f-l and cc-mode. The difference between an Emacs release cycle (where Emacs provides a built-in support for some languages, like cc-mode, python, ruby-mode, etc.) and the release cycle of a language can lead to a long delay to get things right (such as font locking). Having the language support delivered via a package manager makes the updates less dependent of release cycles.


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