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Re: hash-consing bignums and eq==eql

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: hash-consing bignums and eq==eql
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 12:31:11 -0700
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Pip Cet wrote:
Okay, that's complicated. Five options, in my order of preference:

1. Slow EQ
2. float immediates, hash-cons the remaining floats, hash-cons bignums
3. hash-cons bignums, leave floats alone
4. hash-cons bignums and all floats
5. the status quo

Another possibility:

* float immediates, no hash-consing

This keeps 'eq' fast, and causes eq to start to "work" on floats whose bottom few bits are zero.
the distinction between eq and eql for integers leads to subtle bugs that
are best excluded by design, IMHO.

Common Lisp and Scheme both have this distinction, and they seem to be doing OK. In this particular tradeoff between performance and nicer behavior, most Lisp users seem to prefer performance.

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