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Re: Some developement questions

From: Davis Herring
Subject: Re: Some developement questions
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 20:12:45 -0600
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And I don't remember how to get back when following links in info

You can type 'l' (for "last"), or use the left arrow button on the
tool bar, or click on "Info" in the menu bar and select "Back in
History", or click on Info->History and select any node you visited at

Ah!  I remembered something about arrows and tried to use the cursor
keys --- how about making it so that you can go back and forth in info
with Alt+<Cursor> like you can do in web browsers?

There is the usual issue of Emacs' traditional keybindings clashing with those from other (usually newer) domains: Alt generally meaning Meta, M-left/M-right are already used for backward-/forward-word.

Of course, we also have M-b/M-f for those, but the point is that such changes do not come without cost. You are free to argue something along the lines of "For the future userbase of Emacs, consistency with the rest of the world is important enough to change X.", but that's quite a bit different from "how about...?".

I have menu and toolbar disabled ...

Complaining about navigability and discoverability of an interface while having disabled its most discoverable features meant to guide new users is a strange combination.

Basically, I want to use the Emacs server the usual way how you use any
server, like a web server or an ssh server or an XMPP server.

Or an X server, which is attached to the hardware that faces the user? There's more than one way to think of the word.


This product is sold by volume, not by mass. If it appears too dense or too sparse, it is because mass-energy conversion has occurred during shipping.

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