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Re: pdumper's performance

From: Daniel Colascione
Subject: Re: pdumper's performance
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 22:19:27 -0700
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> Thanks Daniel for your prompt response.  I have some further questions,
> tho.
>> You can see for yourself whether there's an impact. Compile an Emacs
>> with
>> support for both pdumper and unexec, dump it with unexec, and compare
>> its
>> GC performance to Emacs built without support for pdumper and also
>> dumped
>> with unexec.
> I hoping to save myself the time ;-)
> [ BTW, part of the reason for those questions is that I'm writing an
>   article about the history of Elisp, and I'd like to understand how
>   your code works so I can say something intelligent about it.
>   Oh and there's not much time left before the deadline.


>   Another part of course, is that I'd like to see this feature land
>   on master.  ]

Me too. ;-)

>> As I recall, the difference is minimal.
> Do you recall the tests you used and the ballpark of the difference?

Exactly the above. IIRC, the difference amounted to a millisecond or two
on an emacs -Q startup plus an immediate (garbage-collect) --- but that's 
without the no-relocation optimization below.

>>> Also I don't quite understand why this is needed: IIUC the markbits of
>>> pdump'd objects are stored elsewhere, but I don't understand why that
>>> needs to be the case.
>> Because we don't store dumped objects in blocks and so the calculations
>> of
>> the normal locations of their mark bits would be wrong.
> Hmm... OK that could explain it for conses and floats where we keep the
> markbits separately from the objects in bitmaps alongside those blocs,
> but you also have those <foo>_marked_p and set_<foo>_marked functions for
> all other types of objects where the markbit is normally stored within
> the object itself (i.e. it doesn't matter whether they're in blocks or
> not).
> Why did you choose to use a completely different layout for the objects
> loaded from the dump?

The objects themselves have the same layout that they do in the normal
heap. (The layout of a cons cell is unchanged, for example.) Dumping
objects individually instead of in blocks both simplifies the
implementation and allows for a more compact dump, as you point out below.

> I naively thought your code would take
> cons_blocks, symbol_blocks, ... and write those blocks as-is so objects
> keep the same layout, and things like mark_maybe_object don't need to be
> changed at all.  I understand this would end up writing larger dumps
> (since they would include some free objects), but I'd have expected it
> would lead to simpler code and a smaller patch.

If we keep the mark bits out of the objects, we can avoid modifying the
object pages just for GC. In the non-PIC case, in which in principle we
don't have to relocate the dump, that means that the pages in the dump
stay clean and file-backed, not dirty, COWed, and pagefile-backed as they
would if we banged on them just for the GC. That's an efficiency win.

For a future more-efficient GC, contiguous object storage with external
mark bits is probably the way to go for the entire heap.

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