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Re: Some developement questions

From: Phil Sainty
Subject: Re: Some developement questions
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2018 22:26:17 +1200
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On 2018-09-07 20:01, hw wrote:
Think of all the modes.  They all come with their own key bidings.

I'm using org for only two things: editing tables and hiding stuff with
'*'.  The only specific key binding I know is C-c SPc

Emacs can work with CVS systems like git.  I haven't found yet out how
to make use of this feature, yet I'm sure there are lots of key bindings that make editing source code much more efficient when you are using CVS

Gnus comes with a lot of key bindings without which you can't edit your
emails (unless you use the menu perhaps).

There are only so many key bindings one can remember.

I really *urge* you to turn `menu-bar-mode' back on, permanently.

Whatever you feel you're gaining from hiding the menus surely can't be
of greater benefit to you than all the knowledge and functionality that
you're missing as a consequence?

So many of the things that you don't know could be answered by perusing
the menus -- which both provide direct access to commands, and also show
the equivalent key bindings (no doubt including many of the ones you
can't remember).

I believe that re-enabling the menus would be a huge net win for you
-- like any other user, you could learn and gain so much from keeping
them available.  You can almost guarantee that the most important
features of a given mode will be accessible through its menus; so
using the menus not only saves you from having to remember all of the
key bindings, but it also provides an overview of some of the most
useful abilities of the library in question.

Tangentially, also make sure you've taken then time to learn how to
use the Info manuals, which are absolutely invaluable.  Use M-x
Info-help (or type "h" inside any existing info buffer) to learn how
to read and search the manuals, and to use the indexes.  Once you've
done that, you will know how to find the answers to so many questions.

I feel that so many of your questions would be answered by Emacs, if
you only asked it.


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