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RE: Some developement questions

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Some developement questions
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2018 08:52:48 -0700 (PDT)

> > There are only so many key bindings one can remember.
> I really *urge* you to turn `menu-bar-mode' back on, permanently.
> Whatever you feel you're gaining from hiding the menus surely can't be
> of greater benefit to you than all the knowledge and functionality that
> you're missing as a consequence?
> So many of the things that you don't know could be answered by perusing
> the menus -- which both provide direct access to commands, and also show
> the equivalent key bindings (no doubt including many of the ones you
> can't remember).
> I believe that re-enabling the menus would be a huge net win for you
> -- like any other user, you could learn and gain so much from keeping
> them available.  You can almost guarantee that the most important
> features of a given mode will be accessible through its menus; so
> using the menus not only saves you from having to remember all of the
> key bindings, but it also provides an overview of some of the most
> useful abilities of the library in question.
> Tangentially, also make sure you've taken then time to learn how to
> use the Info manuals, which are absolutely invaluable.  Use M-x
> Info-help (or type "h" inside any existing info buffer) to learn how
> to read and search the manuals, and to use the indexes.  Once you've
> done that, you will know how to find the answers to so many questions.
> I feel that so many of your questions would be answered by Emacs, if
> you only asked it.

What Phil said.

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