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Re: Suggesting `frame-split-biggest-window' Re: customize location and s

From: N. Jackson
Subject: Re: Suggesting `frame-split-biggest-window' Re: customize location and shape of a new window in a frame
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2018 09:07:59 -0400
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At 09:45 +0200 on Thursday 2018-09-13, martin rudalics wrote:
>> If there was a function (frame-split-biggest-window FRAME SIZE SIDE
>> PIXELWISE) to split the "biggest" [*] window in the frame, then
>> neither BBDB nor any other Elisp code would need to keep reinventing
>> this wheel.
>> (The other two functions, more for interactive use, would be
>> `frame-split-biggest-window-below' and
>> `frame-split-biggest-window-right'.)
>> [*] To find the "biggest" window when splitting below, find the
>> tallest window or windows and split the widest of them; when
>> splitting right, find the widest window or windows and split the
>> tallest of them.
> We have a number of options for that.  One of them is the option
> 'split-window-preferred-function' (a misnomer) which is by default set
> to 'split-window-sensibly'.  Consult their definitions first.  The
> latter's behavior is guided by the options 'split-height-threshold'
> and 'split-width-threshold' (two more misnomers) .  Together, these
> should provide a boilerplate for writing your own function which you
> can then put into 'display-buffer-alist'.

What's missing with these functions is that they start from a given
window. What's needed is functionality that looks at all the windows
on (in?) the frame and chooses which one to split.

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