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Re: Doc of keyboard macros

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: Doc of keyboard macros
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2018 10:28:03 +0200
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On 2018-10-10, at 22:25, Mathias Dahl <address@hidden> wrote:

>> I think that's debatable. Personally, if I want to hit a function
>> key, I need to move my hand from the home row to reach for it, and
>> I need to look at the keyboard to do it....
>> So hitting `C-x (` is definitely faster for me and requires no
>> conscious action, quite unlike the function keys. I never use
>> F3/F4 to define keyboard macros.
>> In fact, I never quite understood why (some) function keys have
>> default bindings at all in Emacs. To me, function keys are as
>> cumbersome as cursor keys, Home/End, or PgUp/PgDn.[2] Not that I
>> mind, of course, it's just puzzling to me.
>  Hi,
> Just to contrast the above, I'm a heavy user of the function keys in Emacs.
> During the years, I have bound F1-F9 to some of my most used commands.


> There's almost no logic at all in how they are setup but they are hard
> wired in my brain by now and must be there. Not that I think anyone is
> interested, but here they are, in order:
> F1 - Switch to previous buffer (my most used command/key). This and kill
> buffer on F5 was inspired by something Alex Schroeder once wrote about on
> Emacswiki.
> F2 - Other window
> F3 - Anything (yup, never got around switching to Helm, or Ivy for that
> matter), mostly with a bunch of super custom sources and commands
> F4 - For some reason, this is untouched...
> F5 - Kill buffer (no questions if buffer is saved), beeps if the buffer is
> changed. I use this a lot.
> F6 - Strip trailing spaces
> F7 - Start kbd macro (this was before F3 was bound to that). I use C-x (
> and C-x ) when I don't have my own setup or is using Emacs -Q for some
> other reason...
> F8 - Stop and/or execute kbd macro
> F9 - Toggle truncate lines

I also use some function keys.

F3/F4 - default (keyboard macros).  I like these bindings a lot
(especially F3 when recording a macro).

F6 - see here http://mbork.pl/2017-06-12_smart-next-window-or-buffer

F8 - my hydra with various stuff (like git blame, git timemachine, Emacs
uptime, woman, switching between 1- and 2-monitor setup, toggle a few
minor modes, ffap...

F10 - my hydra with Org-related stuff (mainly clocking)

F12 - my hydra for emms


Marcin Borkowski

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