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Re: Emacs undo behavior frustrating for new users.

From: Noel Taylor
Subject: Re: Emacs undo behavior frustrating for new users.
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 01:11:08 -0500

> On Oct 14, 2018, at 11:59 PM, Karl Fogel <address@hidden> wrote:
> Noel, want to try binding `undo-only' to replace your normal `undo` 
> keybindings and see if that provides a behavior that seems more natural to 
> you?

Haha not really at this point. I would have loved to in my first few months of 
using emacs, but by now I don't think it will feel any more natural to me now 
than it would to you. 

> (And see how much you miss not having `undo-redo'... That probably wouldn't 
> be very hard to implement, but I'm conspicuously not volunteering until we 
> have a sense of how badly it would be missed by someone who is accustomed to 
> having it.)

Ah but I'm long past being accustomed to having it now. If I tried to do my job 
using the MS Word style undo I'm sure that for me personally - it would be more 
a hindrance than a help. Such a change could well be useful to new emacs users, 
but I'm no longer one of those.

But I'm still very glad to learn that "undo-only" exists! Thank you, Stefan for 
pointing that out. And I will try it out at some point - probably not when I'm 
using emacs for work though. 


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