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Re: Documenting buffer display

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Documenting buffer display
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 15:45:36 +0200

> While i rather assume user wants to invoke specific action based on
> the context. for example while working on email i would invoke
> other-frame ; while working on markdown i would most often call
> other-window, both for the same bookmark or the same file.

The most simple way to accomplish that with C-x r b is by specifying
in CONDITION of 'display-buffer-alist' a function which delegates the
buffer display to 'display-buffer-pop-up-frame' provided the major
mode of the buffer shown in 'minibuffer-selected-window' is a mail
mode and to 'display-buffer-pop-up-window' provided the major mode of
that buffer is a markdown mode.  No need for additional commands or


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