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Re: Preventing accidental prefix match in input-method

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Preventing accidental prefix match in input-method
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 16:51:58 -0500
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>> I'd like to setup an input method where I have a mapping
>>     \b  =>  β
>> but where I'd like it that when the user enters `\beta`
>> the result is `\beta` rather than `βeta`.
>> I know I can do it by adding mappings
>>     \ba  =>  \ba
>>     \bb  =>  \bb
>>     \bc  =>  \bc
>>     \bd  =>  \bd
>>     \be  =>  \be
>>     ...
>> but that would blow up my input method by a factor 50.
>> Is there a better solution?
> Would adding a mapping from `βeta` to `\beta` work?

I didn't mean that only `\beta` stays untouched, sorry.
`\big` should also stay as `\big` rather than be turned into `βig`, and
same for all other `\b<something>` where <something> is made up of
alphabetic characters.

IOW I'd like to be able to say something like "\b is rewritten to β but
only if immediately followed by a word boundary".


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