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Re: scratch/accurate-warning-pos: Solid progress: the branch now bootstr

From: Clément Pit-Claudel
Subject: Re: scratch/accurate-warning-pos: Solid progress: the branch now bootstraps.
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 14:18:36 -0500
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On 26/11/2018 13.43, Alan Mackenzie wrote:
> This may be significant, but is it really important?  Most of the time,
> Emacs is waiting for the next key depression anyway.  If a batch like
> operation takes 11.5 minutes rather than 10 minutes, who would really
> notice?  Similarly if an instantaneous operation, like filling a
> paragraph increases by 15%, would anybody care?  It is surely only
> those interactive operations which are sluggish which might become more
> so, where the slowdown would be important.  How many of these really
> exist in Emacs?

This is a tricky question. Places where Emacs is too slow for my taste, and 
that I wouldn't like to see become slower, include indentation (which often 
requires many position-related operations, as well as macro editing, and syntax 

I do have one question: I understand why attaching positions to code fragments 
make reading the code slower, but why does it make interpreting it slower as 

Another related question: this work is for warnings, but will it extend to 
having positions in backtraces?

Congrats on the had work, btw :) This would be a very useful feature to have.

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