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cpio-mode version 0.11β

From: Douglas Lewan
Subject: cpio-mode version 0.11β
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 03:08:32 +0000

I have published cpio-mode version 0.11β at https://github.com/dlewan/cpio-mode. I'm calling this the first β version because it looks like it's beginning to stabilize. In particular, I would really like to have it tested by someone other than me. (Hint. Hint.)

That said, I do still have the following questions:

cpio(1) related questions:
• cpio(1) accepts block size on its command line.
  How should that be handled?
  One obvious choice is via customization,
  but that still feels long term.
  What would be other ways?
• Similarly, what about --swap-bytes and --swap-halfwords?
• How should --link be implemented?
• And --[no-]-absolute-filenames?
  This might be reasonable to customize.
• How about --dereference?
• Does --owner=[USER][:.][GROUP] make sense for anyone besides root?
  Similarly for --no-preserve-owner.
• The extract functions act like --preserve-modification-time is set by default.
  Is that the right thing.
• The function of --unconditional has an implicit implementation in cpio-mode.
  Via cpio-dired cpio-mode tries to act like dired and allow over-writing
  after an affirmative response to a prompt.
  From lisp code, however, it will over-write any files.
  Is that the right way to operate?
• How should I handle (1) contiguous data files, (2) doors (on Solaris)
  and (3) migrated files (Cray)?

Dired related questions:
• I only use Linux and other UNIX flavored operating systems.
  M-x dired-clean-directory "flags numerical backups."
  What do numerical backups look like?
• How should I interpret M-x cpio-dired-find-alternate-entry?
  M-x cpio-dired-flag-backup-entries?
  M-x cpio-dired-hide-all?
  M-x cpio-dired-hide-subdir?
• The following commands prepare things for shell commands.
  How should I interpret them?
  M-x cpio-dired-mark-entries-containing-regexp
• Should renaming marked files unmark them?
  For example, moving them to a directory.
  They currently remain marked.
• How should I handle undo?
  Can you undo an entry's deletion?
  chown, etc.?

Finally, I'd appreciate some guidance (or pointers) for proper publication on ELPA, including how it should be packaged there, and how installation from ELPA is done.

Douglas Lewan
(908) 720-7908
Member of the PKRA.

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