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emacsclient not working on RHEL 6.8 (non-sudo) [master branch]

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: emacsclient not working on RHEL 6.8 (non-sudo) [master branch]
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2018 11:57:23 -0500

Hello all,

I rebuilt emacs from master today using commit 9a162e2 after about a
month, and was surprised to see that my wrapper bash script that
called "emacsclient -a '' -c&" (two single quote follow that -a
option) no longer works.

Upon running "emacsclient -a '' -c&" directly, I get:

Warning: due to a long standing Gtk+ bug
Emacs might crash when run in daemon mode and the X11 connection is
unexpectedly lost.
Using an Emacs configured with --with-x-toolkit=lucid does not have
this problem.
Loading paren...
Loading paren...done
Key Chord mode on
Loading /home/kmodi/.emacs.d/elisp/ox-hugo/ox-hugo-autoloads.el (source)...
Loading /home/kmodi/.emacs.d/elisp/ox-hugo/ox-hugo-autoloads.el (source)...done
All backup files will be saved to /tmp/kmodi/.backups/.
Turning on magit-auto-revert-mode...
Turning on magit-auto-revert-mode...done
Starting Emacs daemon.
Restarting server
Emacs daemon should have started, trying to connect again
Waiting for Emacs...
[1]  + Suspended (tty output)        emacsclient -a  -c

On doing fg, I get:

emacsclient -a  -c
Broken pipe

(Looks like those empty single quotes get lost now?)

Well, I get the same result with "emacsclient -c" too.

I am on RHEL 6.8 without sudo access.

I looked at the NEWS but any backward incompatible change wasn't evident.

But looking at 
it looks like some series changes related to emacsclient happened in
the last two weeks.

What debug info can I provide to make emacsclient work once again on my machine?


Kaushal Modi

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