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Re: Some question about external method of elpa

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Some question about external method of elpa
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 09:35:30 -0500
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>>> When I read the below part of README, I think that manual run "make
>>> externals" is needed :-(, so I think externals is same complicated
>>> as subtree.
>> `make externals` is needed if you want to have a local checkout of all
>> the packages is elpa.git.  But if you don't care about the other
>> packages you don't need it.
> What about add this info to README?

If you explain/show me which part of README made you think `make
externals` was needed, I can try and correct it, yes.

> external package do not need to edit externals-list in master branch,
> instead add a external-list file to `external/<pkgname>`, we use script
> to auto generate externals-list from all package's external-list files

Usually, I'm the one who adds the entry to `externals-list`, so I'm not
sure how important this is.  We could change `make externals` to just
checkout all the `external/*` branches, but I like the fact that
currently I can calmly push the new branch, then make sure "make
externals" gives me something I like, and only have it "released"
when I push the new `externals-list`.


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