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Re: Making outline-minor-mode's outline-regexp more flexible

From: Mark Edgington
Subject: Re: Making outline-minor-mode's outline-regexp more flexible
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2018 21:24:33 -0500

> I have been able to use the variable outline-level to do what you want
> by adding a group to outline-regexp and subtracting its matched beginning
> in outline-level.

Ok, that is a valid way to do it (maybe the only way?), but it
requires writing a custom function to perform the regexp matching and
subtract its size.  Perhaps it would be nice to provide a predefined
function in outline.el that can be used to generate an outline-level
function -- this higher-order function would take one argument, a
group number, and would return a function that returns the size of the
text matching the specified group in outline-regexp.  Thoughts?

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