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Re: Will Emacs be ever available for iOS?

From: Nahuel Jesús Sacchetti
Subject: Re: Will Emacs be ever available for iOS?
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2018 07:26:29 -0600

| As iPads are becoming more popular and exceeding the power of most
| laptops. Is there a plan to create an Emacs version for iPads? As for
| myself, I am willing to pay 100$ just to get an emacs on my iPad. There are
| some workaround but they are not convenient.

You can actually run GNU Emacs on Android tablets and phones with Termux. I
have to say that it works pretty well (on a fairly standard Emacs
setup). I don't know anything about iOS though but with a quick search I
found Termius and it looks similar to Termux, the website even has GNU
Emacs screenshots.

Nahuel Jesús Sacchetti
Solution Lead for Monsters at ITX
Learn more about ITX at https://www.itx.com/
and about me at https://nsacchetti.com

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