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cpio-mode version 0.14β

From: Douglas Lewan
Subject: cpio-mode version 0.14β
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 17:06:33 -0500
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Version 0.14β of cpio-mode has been published at

There are very few interesting changes. The primary change is that,
since I'm calling this beta code, it creates a time-stamped backup of
any cpio archive that is viewed in cpio-mode.

I've started the process of turning over the copyright to the FSF. When
it gets done, I'll try to announce everything more properly.

As part of that process, I'm trying to get things cleaned up and
conforming [better, but almost certainly not complete yet] to the
guidelines for inclusion on ELPA.

One big missing piece in that process is how I should handle
installation from ELPA. Since cpio-mode has multiple files, it would be
nice to have them together in their own directory so they don't pollute
other packages. Among other things, this would have to touch a user's
load-path. Looking through the code for package-install has not been
immediately enlightening. Can anyone help me understand this?

Another issue for me is the use of ";;;###autoload" comments. I'm not
quite sure I understand just what should be annotated with them.

Douglas Lewan
+1 (908) 720-7908
Give me "assloads of config" over "some other person thought they could decide 
what I like" any day. - Szmo, on reddit, 2017 Sep 05

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