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Re: Will Emacs be ever available for iOS?

From: Cecilio Pardo
Subject: Re: Will Emacs be ever available for iOS?
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2019 01:55:21 +0100
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> Someone wrote
>>   > I think there is a app called popcorn which is for streaming videos and
>>   > which is not available  in the app shop, but can installed via the 
>> webpage
>>   > of the developer. So may this is the way Emacs could go.
> 1. Is this correct?

Yes, that can be done, but it is in violation of the license with
Apple. They use a "Enterprise developer certificate". This allows an
enterprise to distribute software internally to its employees, not to
the public.

Apple would normally revoke certificates that are used this way, so this
applications also tamper with the certificate validation system to stay
alive, and could stop working at any time. This is very shady, I don't
know much more about it, sorry.

> 2. Can anyone who has an iMonsteer install popcorn in this way?


> 3. What else does a person have to do install popcorn in this way?

Not much. Install the app as it would be done for a 'legitimate'
enterprise distribution. And trust the binary.

> 4. Does the user installing it need a developer certificate?


> 5. Is the binary in that web site signed with someone's developer certificate?

Yes. The "enterprise" certificate.

> 6. Does Apple forbid others to redistribute that binary?

Yes. Those certificates are to be used only inside the organization.

Cecilio Pardo

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