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merge conflict tedium

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: merge conflict tedium
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2019 15:00:34 -0500
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I have set up automatic merging of the emacs-26 branch to master some
time ago. I feel like I quite often have to intervene due to needless
merge conflicts that can't be resolved automatically but could have been
avoided with a little effort.

Today's problems were caused by:
1) 08840f2
Unlabelled backport of a year old commit from master?
Adding an explicit "backport" or "cherry-pick" message to the commit would
have avoided this.

2) 536e6de and 13b586d, and b513feb
Conceptually the same commit (?), but made on different branches without
any indication, coupled with a simultaneous reformat on master. Changing
the same code on multiple branches at the same time is a PITA. Please
merge it yourself if doing that.

End of complaint! :)

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