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latin-prefix input method niggles

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: latin-prefix input method niggles
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2019 19:39:29 +0100

The description of the latin-prefix input method contains

       cedilla   |   ~    | ~c -> ç
        breve    |   ~    | ~a -> ă
        caron    |   ~    | ~c -> č
      dot above  | ~ / .  | ~o -> ġ   /o -> ġ   .o -> ġ


1. the 'breve' description is inaccurate, actually ~a -> ã [1]
2. the 'caron' description is inaccurate, actually ~c -> ç

There is however no definition for creating 'a with breve' nor 'c with
caron' in that input method

3. the dot above entry is also inaccurate, actually ~o -> õ  /o -> ø .o -> .o

There are definitions for /g -> ġ and .g -> ġ , however

Proposed solution:

1. I donʼt have one. Other input methods use ~a for either a with
tilde or a with breve. We could just fix the docstring

2. We could do ~c -> č instead of ç , which is quite common in other
input methods, and add ,c -> ç , which is in line
with latin-postfix

3. This is a doc issue, we could replace that line with:

  dot above  |  / .   | /g -> ġ   .g -> ġ

Thoughts? Even "donʼt touch this, ever, people are wedded to these
nits" :-)


[1]  In fact I just noticed a similar doc error in the
     romanian-alt-prefix method

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