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Re: EMBA (Emacs Gitlab CI build server) is now *public* available

From: Toon Claes
Subject: Re: EMBA (Emacs Gitlab CI build server) is now *public* available
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 09:53:29 +0100

We have made emba.gnu.org *public* available. So it's no longer needed
to log in to see the project or CI results.

The failed builds are mailed to emacs-buildstatus, so you can follow that
mailing list if you want to get notified about failures.

GitLab configured so it sends plain-text mails and the code is patched so
the mail notifications include a direct link to raw log file (no need to
run any javascript, set up sessions/cookies/etc)

If you want an account on the GitLab server, get in touch with Ted,
Michael, or me to set it up.

Many thanks to Ted and Michael for the collaboration!

-- Toon

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