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Re: new-flex-completion-style

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: new-flex-completion-style
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2019 18:35:26 -0500
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> @@ -1801,7 +1801,9 @@ If FLAG is nil, invoke `try-completion'; if it is t, 
> invoke
>    else if (EQ (flag, Qlambda))
>      return Ftest_completion (string, Vbuffer_alist, predicate);
>    else if (EQ (flag, Qmetadata))
> -    return list2 (Qmetadata, Fcons (Qcategory, Qbuffer));
> +    return list3 (Qmetadata,
> +                  Fcons (Qcategory, Qbuffer),
> +                  Fcons (Qcycle_sort_function, Qidentity));
>    else
>      return Qnil;
>  }

That easy, huh?

> * lisp/minibuffer.el (completion-all-sorted-completions): Don't
> re-sort if completion table has cycle-sort-function.

I think a more precise description would be that cycle-sort-function now
also overrides the use of minibuffer-history-variable.
[ "Don't re-sort" sounds like a mere optimization rather than a change
  of semantics.  ]

Other than that, LGTM,


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