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Re: tabulated-list sort icon is reversed

From: Philippe Vaucher
Subject: Re: tabulated-list sort icon is reversed
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2019 18:48:37 +0100

Please use the ChangeLog style in the commit log messages; CONTRIBUTE
has the details.

Will do.

> +(defcustom tabulated-list-glyphless-sort-icon-desc ?^
> +  "Glyphless icon to display when sort order is descending."
> +  :group 'tabulated-list
> +  :type 'character)

The doc strings for these options are too laconic, they should tell
what they are used for, and explain when the "glyphless" indicators
will be used instead of the other kind (and calling the "glyphless"
ones "icons" only adds to the confusion, so please don't).  Also,
please always include :version tags with new options.

Well I used `glyphless` because that was the nomenclature already used everywhere else. If it was me I'd talk about "the symbol displayed when using the terminal" vs "the symbol displayed when using the GUI".

Would you be ok with `tabulated-list-gui-sort-symbol-asc` and `tabulated-list-terminal-sort-symbol-asc` ?

> -    (aset table 9650 (cons nil "^"))
> -    (aset table 9660 (cons nil "v"))
> +    (aset table tabulated-list-sort-icon-desc (cons nil (char-to-string tabulated-list-glyphless-sort-icon-desc)))
> +    (aset table tabulated-list-sort-icon-asc (cons nil (char-to-string tabulated-list-glyphless-sort-icon-asc)))

Please break these long lines into shorter ones.

Finally, these changes should be accompanied by a suitable entry in
NEWS and by updates for the user manual, since this changes
user-visible behavior.



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