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a few questions on current development master

From: Alex Koval
Subject: a few questions on current development master
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 19:28:35 +0200


I've been using emacs-27.0.50 built from git for quite a some time, no
issues were found until recently.

Yesterday I've installed the latest version from source and got a few
issues with it.

1) Memory issues. In almost no time it ate >6Gb of RSS and around 8GB or
   Virtual RAM. My OS: linux/arch, all default compilation options (no
   change to conigure flags).

   Just to compare it, I've worked with same code in same project but with
   emacs-26.1.92 for another 6 hours and it only consumed 1.2Gb so far.

   I will keep my eye on memory profiling, and will report more exact
   issues (profiler-start ram), any advice here? Also, quite strange
   that I've closed all buffers and still see that it consumes 6GB or
   RAM. Any documention how actually emacs returns RAM to host O/S ?

2) Compilation mode stopped 'catching' the lines:

   pycodestyle /home/k/tmp/a.py
   /home/k/tmp/a.py:5:1: E303 too many blank lines (3)

   When I try to press enter on any error, I get:

   In *Messages* buffer I see it:
   user-error: No error here

   (its also not highlited)

3) Wierd behavior of 'recentf-cleanup'. At first, it is disabled in my

   '(recentf-auto-cleanup 'never)

   Also, I've even tried to 'hide' this function from visibility
   by redefining it in my config file as:

  (defun recentf-cleanup() (interactive))

   But it suddenly gots redefined after some period, and starts
   auto-execution quite often. For example current emacs session last
   for 5hrs and it already got executed 12 times (from *Messages*)

   Also, it does it quite aggressively, not paying attention to
   file-remote-p or anything else, trying to reopen all my tramp
   visited files one after one. That is quite strange.

   This is the most annoying thing because it came up often requiring me
   to press C-g many times until it actually stops looking to clean my
   old, remote, hidden by firewall files. The only workaround worked for
   me is to completely remove the recentf history file, so now this
   function has nothing to deal with.

Any hints on all above? I understand that I should not expect something
really stable from development version of emacs, but may be I can help
on narrowing down and fixing some of those issues?

Should I just report all those as separte bugs via M-x report-emacs-bug?


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