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Re: [RFE] Migration to gitlab

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [RFE] Migration to gitlab
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2019 13:45:27 -0400
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>> I'm no friend of web interfaces, but I'd welcome a system where we can
>> receive contributions via merge requests.  Gitlab would be acceptable in
>> this respect.  I don't have enough experience with it to know how
>> conveniently it can be used without going through the web interface (I
>> do know that I was very much unimpressed by the commit-diffs messages it
>> sends, whose text/plain version is much more ugly than what we currently
>> have and is not using a correct diff file header format).
> So you are saying that wherever you did look, Gitlab didn't impress
> you, to say the least, but you still think it's a good idea for us to
> welcome it?  Or am I missing something?

Not exactly, no: I found the web interface fairly usable (as web
interfaces go).

I haven't investigated how well it can interact by email except for the
commit-diffs where I found that it does offer the functionality but that
those email looked gratuitously subpar for my use (people reading the
HTML-rendering may find them nice, OTOH).


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