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[ELPA] New package: shelisp

From: Michael Mauger
Subject: [ELPA] New package: shelisp
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2019 01:21:54 +0000

shelisp --- execute elisp in shell

Comint process (likely shell-mode) can write out Emacs Lisp
expressions and have them executed.

When the shell process writes out a string of the form:
  \e_#EMACS# elisp-expr \a

Where, "elisp-expr" is a valid elisp expression.  The elisp
expression is executed as if you had invoked the function
within Emacs itself.  The elisp expression may include a call to
the function `f' which will expand the filename parameter into an
appropriate filename for Emacs using the appropriate Tramp prefix
if necessary.

This script also defines an Alist variable that creates shell
commands and the `printf'-style format to generate the full elisp
expression with command parameters substituted into the command.  A
function is placed in the `shell-mode-hook' to actually create the
shell functions and aliases to format the elisp expressions and
embed them in an escape sequence so that they are detected and

In most usage this mode merely allows you to type "e filename"
rather than "C-x C-f filename" which isn't much of a savings.
However, with this mode enabled, you can write shell scripts to
invoke Emacs Lisp functions.  But beware, the shell script will not
wait for completion of the elisp expression, nor return anything

This package gives the illusion of having emacsclient on any host
in any shell-mode session.

address@hidden // FSF and EFF member // GNU Emacs sql.el maintainer

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