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Possible issue with mutexes

From: Herwig Hochleitner
Subject: Possible issue with mutexes
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 04:57:28 +0200


I've recently created a semaphore type, based on mutex and condition vars, for controlling parallelism in an elisp processor.

The project went well, so far, but now that I attempted to pull out this semaphore implementation and create a test for it, I've noticed behavior, that leads me to believe, that emacs' thread and mutex guarantees might not hold in all cases.

When running the [test case](https://github.com/webnf/semaphore.el/blob/306d5a84b99526213c3a7d367f8d8041961ea52a/test/emacs-semaphore-test.el), you would expect `test/semaphore/active-count` to be 0 at the end of a run, right? For me, it's wildly inconsistent at the end of a run and seems to become desynchronized among worker threads. In this [example run](https://hastebin.com/wigiwizabi.log) from my machine, it happens to settle at 10.

Am I doing this wrong, somehow?

If not, could somebody help me file a report? First post on this ML ...

kind regards

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