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Re: CHECK_STRUCTS/dmpstruct.h mechanism is broken.

From: Daniel Colascione
Subject: Re: CHECK_STRUCTS/dmpstruct.h mechanism is broken.
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 12:43:32 -0700
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> On Wed 10 Apr 2019, Paul Eggert wrote:
>> On 4/10/19 6:12 AM, Andy Moreton wrote:
>>> this breaks out-of-tree builds, as make tries to use
>>> /path/to/emacs/admin/charsets/Makefile rather than the correct path
>>> <builddir>/admin/charsets/Makefile:
>> Sorry, my tests didn't include a complete out-of-tree bootstrap. I
>> installed the attached patch to fix that problem, along with the
>> problem's other instance. The other -C changes should be OK. You're
>> correct that some of the -C changes were unrelated to the original
>> patch. Still, they make the Makefile more consistent and I'd like to
>> keep the ones that work.
> The minimal fixes you have committed work for me for a bootstrap build
> from a completely clean tree (after 'git clean -Xdf').
> I'm not convinced that computing filenames using GNU make functions
> rather than using literal values is clearer, and the makefiles include
> both styles, so more work is needed to achieve consistency using either
> approach.
>> PS. I'd like Emacs to switch to a nonrecursive 'make' process, as this
>> subsidiary $(MAKE) -C business is for the birds. We've made the switch
>> for other GNU projects and it's been a win. This is not a new idea; see:
>> Miller P. Recursive Make considered harmful. AAUGN J of AUUG.
>> 1998;19(1):14-25. https://grosskurth.ca/bib/1997/miller.pdf
> This is a good idea, and should result in better dependency tracking and
> possibly faster parallel builds. Please make sure it works for in tree
> and out of tree builds, as both are useful.

Agreed on moving to nonrecursive make.

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