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Re: [Emacs-diffs] scratch/so-long 7273fb2: Add so-long library

From: Phil Sainty
Subject: Re: [Emacs-diffs] scratch/so-long 7273fb2: Add so-long library
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2019 10:33:19 +1200
User-agent: Orcon Webmail

On 2019-04-15 03:14, Stefan Monnier wrote:
So: Package-Requires: ((emacs "24.3") nadvice), yes?
No -- experimentally that causes Emacs 26.1 to install nadvice from
ELPA instead of deferring to the library it already has.

IIUC that's a bug in Emacs-26.1 (and 26.2) because 26.[12] is not aware
that it comes with nadvice-1.0.

It really should have been fixed before Emacs-26.2, but I somehow forgot
to push that commit and it lingered on a machine I only used again
very recently :-(

Ah, ok.  I'll just stick with the new minimum version of 24.4, and side-
step the ELPA issue. A single point-release increase in three years isn't
so bad.


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