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Using __builtin_expect (likely/unlikely macros)

From: Alex Gramiak
Subject: Using __builtin_expect (likely/unlikely macros)
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2019 18:15:44 -0600
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Would using these, if available, be acceptable? I noticed that some code
in configure.ac already defines HAVE___BUILTIN_EXPECT, though I couldn't
see what part of autoconf does this.

Good candidates here include the conditionals around emacs_abort/fatal,
and possibly in cases like the *alloc procedures and xfree.

Even if there's no noticeable speedup, I think that the likely/unlikely
macros are a nice way to indicate that a branch is exceedingly

  #define unlikely(expr) __builtin_expect(!!(expr), 0)
  #define likely(expr) __builtin_expect(!!(expr), 1)

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