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Re: Bloat in the Emacs Windows package

From: Björn Lindqvist
Subject: Re: Bloat in the Emacs Windows package
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2019 00:02:55 +0200

Den ons 17 apr. 2019 kl 18:18 skrev Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>:
> > Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 17:49:06 +0300
> > From: Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>
> > Cc: address@hidden
> >
> > > From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
> > > Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 08:39:52 -0400
> > >
> > > FWIW, I think saving a 100MB is worth the extra work.
> >
> > We cannot make that decision, only Phillip can.
> And btw, invoking through a batch file is in no way 100% transparent.
> For example, I think users who start Emacs from MSYS Bash will have to
> go through cmd.exe, because Bash cannot interpret batch files
> directly.  So we will have to provide both a batch file and a Unix
> shell script, at least.

That's true so a batch file is no good. But isn't the runemacs.exe
file already handling the indirection? If that file is compiled with
CHOOSE_NEWEST_EXE defined, then it will automagically choose the most
recent emacs*.exe if multiple version are installed in the same

Personally, I never run the emacs.exe nor emacs-xy.z.exe directly
because it opens up a useless cmd.exe window. Instead I use
runemacs.exe from the Start menu and emacsclientw.exe from the
Explorer shell.

mvh/best regards Björn Lindqvist

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