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Errors building from master with a clean repository

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Errors building from master with a clean repository
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2019 18:05:35 -0700
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On 4/18/19 12:21 PM, Alex Gramiak wrote:

./configure --enable-checking=all --enable-check-lisp-object-type \
CFLAGS='-Og -gdwarf-4'

--enable-checking=all hasn't worked for a while. Although your email prompted me to write and install patches to fix multiple bugs in this area, the remaining buggy suboptions --enablechecking=conslist and --enable-checking=xmallocoverrun are more trouble than they're worth to fix, and should go. (GCC's AddressSanitizer has made both options obsolete anyway.) Please try the two attached patches and then try the above 'configure' line again.

Also, if you use older GCC or unusual GCC flags like '-Og' with --enable-gcc-warnings=warn-only (which is the default in developer builds), GCC will sometimes report false alarms. Typically I don't worry about these, as it's already plenty of work to pacify recent GCC with default options. A superficial look at the warnings you forwarded suggested that they're all false alarms.

  GEN      dmpstruct.h
-r: No such file or directory

That one was my fault. Fixed in commits df5ca4f7e66fe075d1ad12a0e2831c4ed91fd186 and 856806d30fb16dbe695633a2dbe35a8fb4348998.

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