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Re: [RFE] Migration to gitlab

From: Toon Claes
Subject: Re: [RFE] Migration to gitlab
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 10:24:55 +0200

Alex Gramiak <address@hidden> writes:

> Is there an API to get the template for MRs or issues? If so, then Emacs
> could use it in report-emacs-bug (or a more general report-emacs-issue)
> and a new emacs-create-merge-request.

You can definitely create MRs or issues through the API. I'm not sure
about getting the template, but I don't see much added value to have
this feature cause you can put the template in emacs itself.

>> **Current state**
>> - [ ] Although GitLab has an API, there is no client for Emacs that
>>       works with it.
> https://github.com/magit/ghub (despite the name, it supports Gitlab and
> other "forges") should be mentioned in this discussion, though it's not
> currently in ELPA.

Magit is a awesome package, and recent the support for "forges" is
great, although not yet very mature. But I usually don't see people here
talk about magit, they tend to use the built-in vc-git instead. So I'm
not sure we can rely on magit or vc-git should get also support for


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