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Re: isearch region or thing at point.

From: Basil L. Contovounesios
Subject: Re: isearch region or thing at point.
Date: Fri, 03 May 2019 17:28:57 +0100
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Ergus <address@hidden> writes:

> I would prefer a keybind for it, even a different one, but otherwise
> nobody will use the command and the people will continue using
> workarounds like now. I didn't take M-y or C-y because they were already
> taken and M-w was not colliding with anything in my emacs -Q.
> Many people just find the emacs commands while using emacs (thanks to
> which-key or counsel-completion or Helm they discover the keybinds) and
> commands without a keybind are VERY less visible/accessible unless they
> explicitly know and configure a bind for them. The users find them only
> after reading a lot of documentation in the manual (which no many people
> do). But which-key simplifies the life a lot. Specially for new users.

FWIW, docstrings of mode functions, etc. can always include a synoptic
list of useful commands and/or bindings.  It's not always necessary to
resort to reading the code or manual, and shouldn't be.

> In fact the "right" to do (IN MY OPINION) is to define a keybind for all
> the commands like this. (which insert text from active-region into
> minibuffer once in the minibuffer, that could help for
> replace-regex/find-file/flyspell/and many others) that will solve a lot
> of collisions and will simplify the user experience a lot. (memorization)
> We have a lot of package that already proposes patches for this issue
> trying to figure out somehow when to insert text from region (or near to
> point) to the minibuffer (all the thing-at-point-like packages in elpa
> && melpa are workarounds for this general issue).

I doubt all of them are "workarounds" per se, so much as customisations,
extensions, etc.

> BTW: The isearch+ package isn't in elpa||melpa?? I can't find it in the
> packages-list, so probably that's why I didn't check it before (I try to
> avoid this kind of issues as much as possible before proposing
> changes). Is there any reason why it is not in elpa||melpa? Because I
> don't know anyone who uses it; for sure because they don't know it.

See https://emacs.stackexchange.com/q/38553/15748.

> Let's wait for Eli, Basil and the others... Maybe they will propose a
> genial solution (as usual).

Sorry, I don't usually take a stance on things like default key bindings
and the like, because everyone has different preferences and I know I
can (almost) always adapt them to my liking.  Besides, I'm no authority
around here.

How well/prominently a mode advertises/documents its usage is a
different matter.



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