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Re: [elpa] master b6ac53b: * packages/math-symbol-lists/msl-build.el: Ad

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [elpa] master b6ac53b: * packages/math-symbol-lists/msl-build.el: Add copyright and license
Date: Tue, 07 May 2019 11:13:34 -0400
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> Thanks! That file contains just dirty manual hacks to parse the symbol
> lists from various sources.  It's not intended to be loaded or used by
> other libraries.

That's what I figured, yes.
But since it's in `load-path` Emacs might still load it unexpectedly.

This said, I found that placing such "random code" within a dummy
(defun ...) wrapper solves this problem in a trivial way without any
significant downside (I actually found it to be helpful because the
defun's name helps me describe what this is about and often enough
I later discover that I actually did want a defun for that anyway ;-)

> I think the packager might get confused and think of it as a multi-file
> package.

Indeed, it will.

> What would be the recommended way to put it off the load path?
> Just store in a sub-dir?

You could do that, or you could keep it out of the tarball via
`.elpaignore`, but based on what you just said, maybe you just want to

    ;; Package-Type: simple

to the header of math-symbol-lists.el?


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