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Re: Line height issues with display-line-number-mode

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Line height issues with display-line-number-mode
Date: Tue, 07 May 2019 15:09:23 -0400
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>> If you a re thinking about clipping characters on display in some way,
> Or maybe we could have an option not to put a number on a screen line
> that starts with a display or overlay string.

Not sure what would be the ideal behavior for compact-docstrings (no
line-number?  Truncated line-number?  smaller line-number?), but for
those "text lines turned into thin graphical lines" as in
describe-symbol, *vc-log*, and friends, I think the better behavior
would be to not display a line number at all.

Rather than try and guess it based on the presence of a display/overlay,
maybe we could require a specific text-property like `no-line-number`?


BTW: in nlinum-mode (and presumably linum-mode as well), the
     line-numbers are clipped, so I guess this is a difference between
     text-in-the-margin and text-in-the-"main"-area.

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