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Re: Adding olivetti to GNU ELPA

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Adding olivetti to GNU ELPA
Date: Thu, 09 May 2019 10:53:33 +0300

> From: "Paul W. Rankin" <address@hidden>
> Cc: address@hidden
> Date: Thu, 09 May 2019 16:54:48 +1000
> So the three problems I'm running into are:
> 1. Some users have complained of lagging input, which seems to be due to 
> olivetti setting the margins too often, i.e. on too many hooks. So using 
> the minimal number of hooks is preferable.
> 2. But I've experienced olivetti failing to set the margins during a few 
> common cases, e.g.:
>   - splitting window with icomplete "*Completions*" buffer
>   - splitting window with ispell-word "*Choices*" buffer
>   - splitting window with magit-status
>   - splitting window vertically with any buffers in a side-window in the 
>   same frame (which results in window being too large to split -- I 
>   think this is a separate issue)
> It would be nice to achieve consistency with these.
> 3. Issues scrolling with display-line-numbers-mode, but I don't mind 
> about this.
> >> I *think* what is needed is a way to apply the hooks contingent on 
> >> emacs-major-version <= 24 and <= 25 or 26(?) and <= 27.
> >
> > Yes, and there's nothing wrong with that for a package that wants to
> > support multiple Emacs versions.
> My difficulty is that I don't understand enough how these hooks have 
> changed from 24 -> 27. Stefan tried to explain it to me, but... I still 
> didn't get it :(

My suggestion would be to deal with each problem separately.  Are
these problems described somewhere in more detail, including perhaps
reproduction recipes?  If they are, just point to those descriptions,
otherwise I suggest to file bug reports for them (or ask the users who
complained to do so).  Then we should ask Martin to look into that,
since he's our best expert on this stuff.

For Emacs 27, Stefan's recommendation is clear, I think: use only one
hook he mentioned, and if there are any problems, have them reported,
because they might be bugs in how we implemented that hook.


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