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Re: Add support for base64url variant

From: Pierre Téchoueyres
Subject: Re: Add support for base64url variant
Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 11:25:34 +0200
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Hello Eli,

Thanks, but please avoid posting such large patches as long as you
don't have a copyright assignment for Emacs on file.

I have already signed paperwork for TRAMP and, I think, for Emacs.
But maybe there is something wrong with them ?

 That's because
just by reading the patch, people will remember some of the
implementation, and will then have hard time to come up with a
different one, should your copyright assignment paperwork not come

If you'd like to sign the forms, I will send them to you.  Then we
could revisit the patch when the legal paperwork is done.

If you can't find my previous assignment, then yes send me them back.

Thanks again for working on this.
Hope this could help.

I would like to have some discussion on how to improve some points :
- Is adding parameter to existing functions the way to go or is it better to add new ones for base64url - I would like to improve base64-decode* in a way it could detect the variant but actually don't know how to do that. - The documentations is not really what I would like to see (and there my English is faulty)

Thanks in advance.  Pierre.

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