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Re: Understanding atomic window groups

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Understanding atomic window groups
Date: Thu, 23 May 2019 10:39:18 +0200

> Is that the way it's supposed to work?

+       (when-let ((parent (window-parent (selected-window))))
+         (when (window-parameter parent 'window-atom)

I don't know the precise semantics of 'when-let' but I think you
should use

(when (window-parameter nil 'window-atom)
  (let ((root (window-atom-root)))

and then 'walk-window-subtree' from root.  Otherwise, that's the way
to dissolve an atomic group of windows.

> I guess I would have thought
> there would be an easier way of getting rid of an atomic
> configuration -- like `quit-window' in any of the windows would quit all
> of them, or something like that. Instead, `quit-window' seems to just
> signal an error.

'quit-window' does not necessarily restore to a state that invalidates
the atomicity of the containing group.  'delete-window' OTOH may do
that, so if 'quit-window' deletes all windows of an atomic group but
one, that atomic group is dissolved automatically.


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